Latest Interviews: Peloton Watch & Road Cycling


Well its been a crazy end to the track cycling season for me. After getting selected to represent New Zealand at the third and final Track Cycling World Cup, I have since returned to New Zealand. I started at Nationals last week but had to withdraw due to sickness, so now its time for a short break before I get into the road cycling season of 2015.

Here are two recent interviews with all the details of my 2014-15 track cycling season, info on the Tasmanian Carnivals and how I started out as a track cyclist: Interview: Pretty Special to Wear the Silver Fern Interview: Kirstie James furthers her development at the Cali Track World Cup

Click on the above links to read the articles. 

Thats all from me for now, I’m off to learn how to make the most of holiday mode!
– Kirstie