My Top Ten Tips for Traveling Light


Travelling often costs enough without having to pay for overweight bags.

Here are some of my top tips for travelling with everything that you need, and nothing that you don’t!

1. Start With a List:

Think about how long you are away for and write a list. This also helps to make sure that you don’t for get any of essential travel items.

2. Get a Visual Plan:

Laying your items that you wish to pack out over your bed or table can give you a visual representation of what you are bringing with you. Once you can see everything you are taking, you will realize you probably don’t need to bring it all. 

3. If You Can Buy it There, Leave it at Home!

There is no point bringing shampoo if yours is almost empty and you know that there will be a supermarket nearby to your travel destination. Small things like that you can easily buy while you are away.

However, if you feel you can’t live without your favorite moisturizer, get some small containers from a dollar store, and just bring the amount you need. Bringing liquids in containers that are smaller than 100mls will also allow you to bring these on board with most airlines, so if you make a a trip for only a few days, you won’t need to bring in a checked-bag.

4. Bring Versatile Outfits:

This hint isn’t just for the ladies. Make sure the clothes that you do decide to bring, match together, or are versatile enough to make multiple outfits. You can easily add a different colored scarf to change the whole look of a simple outfit. 

5. Shoes:

Usually if you bring a pair of boots, or formal shoes, some sneakers and a pair of jandals (also known as flip flops) you can go almost anywhere. Bring shoes of neutral colors that match with multiple outfits. If you’re going on a shopping trip, bring your oldest shoes so when you buy new ones you can donate them or throw them away after. 

6. Washing Clothing is Global:

So far every place that I have visited has some form of washing clothes. Whether it is DIY by hand in your own sink or room service in a hotel, you will usually find a way to get your clothes clean. This means that you only need to bring the amount of clothing to last you until wash day. 

7. Buy a lightweight suitcase:

Now here is a smart idea. If you can afford it, but a light weight suitcase. The less your bag weighs, the more you can afford to put in it without tipping the scales over too far. 

8. Leave Your Travel Guide Books at Home:

With the amount of apps that there are currently available, there is no need to lug books around with you. Especially if you are on the move, you may only use a travel book for a few days, and then have to carry that extra 500 grams around with you. Instead, do you research before you leave home, and download suitable travel apps, like to ‘carry’ with you in your pocket and find out if there is wifi where you are staying.

9. Check the Temperature:

Then pack correspondingly. Websites like show you not only the forecast for the next 7 days, but also the average temperature of that destination over previous years and give you monthly averages. This helps to give you a proper indication of the clothing and accessories that will be most appropriate for your trip. 

10. Wear Your Winter Coat in the Plane:

Now you might be thinking that it won’t snow on board your flight, and of course it won’t. But wearing your heaviest items on board means that you don’t have to weigh them in your suitcase. Once on board you can usually store your jacket in the overhead locker or under the seat in front of you. And to be even more comfortable onboard read my other tips for the long haul.

And one last extra tip!

Leave Room in Your Suitcase:

As tempting as it is to fill your suitcase to the brim, leave some space. You never know what you might want to bring home with you!

– Kirstie James